Mission Statement

We make the world a place where religion functions as a positive social force for cohesion

Institute for Contesting Religious Violence is an advanced research forum organized for religious, educational, and scientific purposes. Its major focus is to address the root causes of violence in the name of God and offer ways to construct alternative narratives that favor peace and reconciliation and present religion as a positive social force for cohesion.

The IFCRV aims to bring together emerging and advanced scholars and facilitate research in order to set out an exposition of the central themes of non-peaceful religious discourse, their historical roots, typologies, and their critical assessment in modern scholarship, through a number of lenses, i.e. theological, ethical, geopolitical, economic, and cultural, to present a few examples.

The IFCRV organizes and hosts international academic colloquia on religious violence, publishes conference proceedings, featuring promising scholars from all over the globe, and sponsors promising scholars to come to America for higher study or scholarly conferences.

The Society of Fellows of IFCRV shall actively participate in social non-scholarly events associated with raising awareness of religious violence and seeking the means to contest it. It shall provide services and trainings for scholars and professionals seeking an active engagement with violence in the name of God.